Greetings from CEO

「The value of greater happiness」
is the happiness sharing together.

Hello customers and partners,

I am Doo-Hwan Oh, president of Doowon F&F.

We are developing and producing food flavorings and food additives, which help stabilize, improve the taste and flavor of food.

Mixed additive, such as food flavoring and food additive, may be a small thing but plays a big role that makes people happy by adding taste, fragrance to the food, and adds nutrition. Doowon F&F takes pride in making good food and preferring food to choose. Every time we make a product, we put our sincerity.

Founded on the basis of technology, we do best to realize customer satisfaction with best quality and creative products. We strive to provide fast and careful service with youthfulness and enthusiasm. We will develop this initiative as a long lasting enterprise that will firmly establish itself and spread to the world.

Thank you.

CEO Doo-Hwan Oh
5-46, 492beon-gil, Angok-ro, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea | Tel. +82-55-343-0524 | FAX : +82-55-343-0522
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