Export Items

[ Food flavors ]

• Liquid type – Sweet & Savory flavors (Please refer to Product page)
• Powder type – excluding few sweet & savory flavors (For more details, please contact our export team)

[ Seasonings ]

• Liquid type

Chicken Extract, Sauce of Korean Bouillabaisse, Black Bean Extract, Crab Extract, Shirimp Extract, Pear Concentrate Juice, Ginger Extract, Apple Concentrate Juice, Beef Extract, Chemically Pure Flavored Oil, Squid Extract, Seafood Extract Rich in Flavor, Shiitake Extract, Soy Sauce-Based Seasoning, Strawberry Concentrate Juice, Peach Concentrate Juice, Pineapple Concentrate, Onion Extract, Vegetable Concentrate, Sea Squirt Extract, Yangban Gejang(Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce), Anchovy Fish Sauce Rich in Flavor, Garlic Concentrate, etc.

• Powder type (Spray Drying, S/D)

Chicken soup (Samgyetang type) powder, Beef soup (Yukgaejang type) powder, Seasoned Soy Sauce Powder, Shiitake Extract Powder, Squid powder, Onion Base, Shirimp Extract Powder, Pork Base, Beef Flavor Powder, Onion Extract Powder, Cheese Powder, Chicken Breast Powder, Been Sprout Extract Powder, Seasoned Seafood Powder, Carrot Powder, Mustard Flavor Powder, Garlic Extract Powder, Daikon Extract Powder, Beef Seasoning Powder, Sea Squirt Extract Powder, Clam Extract Powder, Beef Bone Broth Powder, Kelp Extract Powder, etc.

• Powder type (Vacuum Drying, V/D)

Calamari Stew Powder, Chicken Extract Powder, Bulgogi Sauce Powder, Gravy Powder, Beef-Flavored Vegetable Powder, Shirimp Extract Powder, Korean Bouillabaisse Sauce Powder, Katsuobushi Powder, Roasted Garlic Base, Beef Powder, Sea Squirt Extract Powder, Octopus Powder, etc.

Import items

[ We do import any food related items. Always welcome for new partnership! ]

• Finished foods & beverages
• Food additives

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